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Convert video to 3GP online. Optimise it for mobile, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and etc.

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How to convert video file to 3GP online?

Do you want to turn your video file into 3GP? You are in the right place!

This Video Converter is ready to help you to do the following things:

  • Convert a video for an Instagram post
  • Convert a video for your Instagram story
  • Convert a video for any other social networks
  • Convert a video to an appropriate format for your video player when it supports only certain formats
  • Convert a video to mobile-compatible formats
  • Get only an audio track without visual content

The Video Converter helps to change a video format onlinewithout downloading andlearning any complicated software.It's free and easy to use.

1. Upload your video file;

2. Select the format for conversion;

3. Download a new file.


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