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Nowadays there are no restrictions for creativity. You can write songs and record them. You can draw in any graphics editor. You can shoot short videos or even full movies. The 21st century gives us everything for this: gadgets, software, accessories. You should only use your innate talent. But there is a problem: as a rule, the software takes up a lot of space on your computer, which seriously slows down workflows. In addition, not everyone can afford to buy it. But you want to make your own movies! We have a solution for you. It's Pixiko!

Quick and easy video, movie or film editing software.

Pixiko is a free online service for editing of your videos. You don't need to buy expensive and bulky software to create a movie. Just upload a video to the Editor and magic will begin. You can upgrade your video with the help of Pixiko. You may use many tools to crop videos, merge them together, or trim certain pieces. You can add music to your videos to make them more attractive. For example, if you want to add music to a video, you just should upload the video, select (and upload too) your favorite jazz composition, click “Done”! If the length of your track is different, use “Trim” and get rid of unnecessary parts of your files.

But that's not all. You have an opportunity to edit videos for free! Add subtitles, use your logotype, overlay pictures and your video will turn into a real movie. After you have brought your video to the ideal, you can upload it to your social networks. Pixiko has a solution for this: the ability to save the video in the correct size and format suitable for Instagram, Facebook and other social media. Now you don't have obstacles to your creativity!

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