Split screen effect

Combine several videos on one screen

How to make a split screen effect online

You could see an interesting effect in movies when there are several video streams simultaneously. It allows viewers to watch for example two or four videos with the same or different actions on one screen. They are lying side by side. Such videos can show sequence of actions or comparison of them.

Don’t think that you should download special software for this purpose. Now, you can use our Tool and place a number of your clips on one screen online. Our Split screen video editor makes your wishes come true quickly and very easily. Upload your videos and place them as you wish in a couple of clicks. Get inspired and create unusual videos for your viewers.

What is it used for?

  • Making your clip more effective with several videos on one screen.
  • Showing several actions at the same time.
  • Comparison of desirable videos.
  • Making a simultaneous effect.

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