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How to make a slideshow online?

Here’s your indispensable video making troubleshooter – Pixiko. This is a powerful slideshow maker which has various functions for your future masterpiece. Easiness of use, quickness of work – that’s all you need from a good editor. 


Making slideshow from photos

It doesn’t matter if you’re an active social networks user (you’re posting something) or just viewer you probably notice that animated content is more interesting to watch and more popular with the audience. So, what can you animate and why that will be useful for you? In fact, you can easily animate whatever you would like to but if your aim is to boost your reach via Instagram/Facebook you should implement these tricks. Firstly, mix your content, which is mostly consisted of static pics, with short videos made from your photos where you can (instead of writing captions for a post) add a text or pictures and animate it. So, slideshow making is the easiest way of video production. It can be used not only for a personal blog but for commercial one as well. Secondly, while making slideshow it’s possible to add marketing texts, animate them, create aesthetic transitions between slides, put them to music and add the animated logo or watermark of your brand. 


Animated slides perfectly fit for social media

Posts with animation have more reach and engagement than static ones. It can be confirmed through analytics checking. That’s why a video of different types is an effective tool for the specialists in SMM and SEO, content managers, target managers or even web designers - those who work in promotion via social networks. By the way, such a way of video making is very suitable for newcomers in video making because it doesn’t require any hard skills. You need only a set of photos, concept, soundtrack, and texts you’re going to add. It won’t take much time to create an effective one. In other words, open online video editor and create your first slideshow. Pixiko may help you with it.

A slideshow may be used in various ways depending on aims of social networks use: 

  • It can be an ordinary post on Facebook/Instagram;
  • Try to post it as your stories via Facebook/Instagram;
  • It can be your post (marketing or ordinary) on Tik Tok;
  • Use it for a promotion post to increase engagements;
  • Such a format may be also used for websites design where you can place them as banners;
  • Create a commercial presentation for your brand or company. 

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