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How to use a comic font online

In about 90% of time while making a video, makers add some text to it in a small or medium quantity. Generally, we mean short marketing videos of absolutely various types. But it’s not only about them.

So, many designers prefer to give a lead to the “picture” rather than to supporting elements like music, text, different effects etc. In such a case, it is necessary to make these supporting elements aesthetic and just pleasing to watch or listen to. That is, they should not be bright and too prominent, but rather neutral. Finding the right soundtrack is easy, as is the choice of calm graphic effects. The Pixiko library contains a large number of various features for designing a video sequence. As for the choice of font, the main thing is not to choose the type that is standard for office documents. This will immediately catch your eye, especially if none of the video has anything to do with the office. We suggest you using a Comic font. It’s neutral, enough delicate and not associated with documents. To apply it, click on the text and choose Comic font on the right blackboard. 


What is it used for? 


  • Subtitles or captions for any video type from an ad to a video meme to post on Instagram, Facebook or YouTube;
  • For additional information in the end on the product you’re promoting in the video.

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