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How to make instagram stories?

In 2016 Instagram launched “Stories” which became very popular with its users because it’s fast to make and watch and it’s livelier than perfectly edited photos in feed. Those who use Instagram for an online product or service promotion cracked stories easy-to-use and started engaging them in advertisement. So, a question goes, how to make your Stories more attractive and catchy? The answer is simple – use a video format. To cut and edit your stories in the best and quickest way you may try to use Pixiko - instagram story maker. Save your time! 

Well, why video? Video is a motion, it’s more vivid and interesting to watch. Our attention is attracted by animation, motion, and sound. It seems that it will take more time to make a video than just to take and edit a photo. But today everything is much easier if you have a smartphone with a camera. It helps you with creating a source then an editing stage goes where you can create any atmosphere and aesthetics you would like. 
As for insta-stories, all the things mentioned above are important and helpful because with the help of an online video editor you can apply animation to a text, add transition for photos and different effects and cut your video according to the necessary size after finish with editing. 


Short stories for any message

Going back to a video format as a type of content, it’s also more beneficial. To confirm the statement you may just have a look at Instagram analytics. So, it’s a remarkable point for companies, bloggers and brand-owners from a point of s-commerce. At the same time, Instagram users of this category don’t have much time for video making: filming, editing (searching for special soft and attempts to get how it works etc.), and cutting. Use of Pixiko will surely save your time thanks to its understandable interface. 
But if you don’t have time for filming just take your photos and make a video from them. It will take less time but it will be still beautiful and effective. Begin with intro (a title fading, for example), create the main part with the use of different effects and transitions between photos, adding marketing texts (if necessary) and information about your company or brand and animating them, after that finish the video with intriguing outro. Such a format may be applied for ads on Instagram via stories, everyday posting, and sales announcement. Taking into account video length for stories, you may quickly create a short video or divide a long one into several parts that will be posted on.

Instagram stories is a good tool for: 

  • Everyday posting for keeping a high profile;
  • Sales announcement (create a bright and colorful video to attract as much attention as possible);
  • Advertisement, release of a new product. 

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