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If you are working on your own brand, or you are SMM specialist or you are just connected somehow with promotion, you know about video advertisement efficiency in comparison with photo ad. Video effectively boosts engagements, sales and brand identification depending on your aims of making ads. More than that, it’s a real trend of last 3 years in advertising according to metrics data. One of the giants of video advertising is Facebook. It is ready to catch up with YouTube, which uses video as main content. The conclusion is as follows: if you want your ads to work on you and your brand fully use video advertisement on Facebook as well. It’s not that difficult as it may seem. Take your smartphone for making video sources, while video editor Pixiko is taking care of the rest.

Speaking of the Facebook ads features, it’s necessary to underline that ads’ placement influences its characteristics like the size, length, thumbnail view and others. As basic tools for all these videos, you need to cut, crop, join, merge, work with music, add texts and subtitles. Let’s go deep in the details and check what you need to edit you video depending on its placement.


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All the placements work with video size 16:9, it’s universal. So, just cut and join all fragments, put in on music, add subtitles to it for watch without sound and work on a good thumbnail with maximum 20% of the text in it, otherwise Facebook may reduce your insights. As for other placements, recommended video sizes for them are different from 9:16 to 1:1. Anyway, you can easily adapt your video with Pixiko. The same goes for the file extension. If you need to change it, use Pixiko video converter and choose that one the placement of your ad requires. For such a placement like In-stream videos, it is strongly recommended to use sound for your video. Pixiko has the tools for sound editing, so it won’t be complicated for anymore. Audience network is waiting from your special skills applying. You are to create a short video that be able to attract your customer from the first seconds of watching. It’s up to you to attract them with brightness or “pain” or intrigue or some profit. Stories on Facebook work similar to Stories on Instagram: 15 seconds length video with size from 1.91 to 9:16. They are popular because many people watch only Stories: they are more natural, vivid and less time-consuming. A perfect tool for promotion, isn’t it?

To cut a long story short, if you are going to use Facebook as a platform for promotion of your brand, Pixiko will give you all the tools to make a saleable video.

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