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Attract viewers’ attention by zoom effects

How to zoom video online

The zoom effect interests such people who want to accentuate an important moment of a video. It looks like moving one shot or a fragment near and near. It is a popular effect in movies, clips and other cool video. If you want to zoom a part of your video, do it online with our Tool.

Our Zoom Editor allows choosing any moments or shots, crop them, set speed for zooming and save all effects. Preview your changes and watch the result. If you need corrections just edit your video and save it again. All your important moments will be shown in large scale and let viewers pay extra attention to them.

What is it used for?

  • Attracting audience’s attention to important parts of your video.
  • Making distant object more understandable and watchable.
  • Sharing your video with zoom effects on any social networks.
  • Accentuating any parts of your tutorial video for better understanding.

Zoom your video and attract attention for free!

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