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How to make a stunning video for presentation

How often do you think about promoting of your idea, product or services? For instance, you are a high-grade professional and have the perfect story for the book. You want to publish it. How can you prevail on the editor that your book is a bestseller? Your words aren't more than enough. You need a colorific and interesting introduction of your product.

It would be better to do it with the help of the presentation. You can do salesmanship of your product briefly and clearly. What is a presentation? A presentation is a set of slides that accompanies a speaker's show and illustrates a product. It may be necessary in cases such as:

  1. Performance of a new project for a front office – you'll be able to present boring details like statistics more vividly and draw colorful graphs and circuitries.
  2. Guidance paper of a new lesson – you can present a new lesson topic to your students by a teachable and interesting way.
  3. Product presentation – you can describe a new product in detail. If you produce something and want to interest retailers, a product presentation is the best decision. It is possible to describe the composition and benefits of the item by understandable language with the help of the show. It can be whatever you want: from a new fitness bar to a smartphone.
  4. Business plan – you can make your business plan like a presentation. This will be more understandable and convincing.
  5. Reports – quarterly reports for your chief can be easier for making, if you would use a slide-show. It will not be bare facts but a tangible result of your work.

So, you can make a demonstration for everything: from a paper clip to a new TV show.

How to make a presentation? Nowadays, it's very simple. There are various programs for making a presentation. For example, Microsoft Office PowerPoint or Apple Keynote. These are simple and multifunctional software that allows you to do slides with text, pictures, and draw them in different styles. After making a presentation, you can save it in a video format. It is a very convenient way because you can control the video during the demonstration. It is possible to stop it or press “play” when you need. While you answer additional questions or speak about statistics in detail, for example, you can press pause and stop playing for some time. Moreover, using Pixiko, you can edit the video and apply some effects on it or merge another video. In addition, it is possible to change playback speed or in those places where you want. 

Pixiko can help you do such effects as:

  • Merge – combine two videos (upload a video, then upload the second one, click “Merge”, change the playback order and press “Done”).
  • Add appropriate music (upload a video, choose any track, press “Done”).
  • Add a picture – you can also add a logo of your company (upload a video, choose a nice picture from your folder on your PC, set playback options and press “Done”).
  • Add a glitch\ sepia\ noise effect – different image options for making your slide-show more attractive. You need to upload a video and press the button with the name of the effect. It is easy, isn't it? That's because we try to make all the functions more simple and understandable every day.  Now you can edit your videos without problems!
  • Add a watermark – watermark your project by your special logo (upload a video, then choose your watermark, you can also click “Add text”, if you want to add a name of your company, correct the color and brightness settings and press “Done”).

So, you have made an awesome presentation, designed it, added all necessary effects and are burst to go into action. How do you save the presentation? You can do it in any format in the Pixiko editor. The most popular one is MP4. It is played by all video players on all kind of software. It is compact and can be got on a flash card that you take. Now you are absolutely prepared and nothing will be obstacle for persuading of your front office! While you are brilliantly presenting your video, Pixiko develops new options to make the editor more convenient for you!

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