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Making a brilliant 💎 intro will make your videos recognizable from the first seconds

How to make intro online?

First, answer yourself a couple of questions. Do you make video? Looking for user-friendly tools which can help you from the very beginning till the end? Pixiko may become your unchangeable assistant in the process of video making. The online intro maker will give you all the necessary instruments. You won’t need to download and install something — everything is easily done online without bugs and deadlocks.


Catch attention right from the start of the video


Static pictures are losing their popularity in social networks. They can be perfectly taken, edited, and be really beautiful, but they don’t attract as much attention as earlier. The market is crowded with statics. It means users need something else, some motion that will wake up their interest to your product or service. That’s why, a video of different types are getting one of the most important ways of impressions enlargement. There are many aspects of a good video, so it’s logical to work from the very beginning — from an intro. This part is very important because if it’s not impressive, exciting or intriguing enough the video won’t be watched till the main part. A standard tools pack should include: a brand logo, a title, their animation, sound, an intriguing segue, a set of scenes that motivates to watch further.

A good intro is necessary in all the video types:

  • For a Youtube video;
  • For a promo video that can be posted on Facebook / Instagram;
  • For Instagram stories;
  • For Tik Tok videos;
  • For IGTV;

Posting videos is good for all social media users from Youtube and Tik Tok to Instagram no matter if it’s your personal profile or business one. But surely videos are useful for commercial goals. SMM-specialists, brand-owners, service providers — it’s your tool to engage new customers with our online video editor.

You should try to make a video due to following reasons:

  • Probably, it’s a new format for you = variety = novelty that works for you;
  • It really engages a new audience;
  • It’s dynamic what means more interesting;
  • It’s livelier than just posting photos.

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