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Shrink GIF

Shrinking GIF to optimize a content

How to shrink a GIF online

You already know that a GIF format is very common in use via various social media or just on the Internet for different aims. Such a high popularity is caused by quite simple reasons: GIF files have a very good compression algorithm, support transparency and make it possible to create both simple and complex animations and advertising banners. However, the main one is easiness of their creation. It doesn’t require much time to make such a type of content.

But, at the same time, there is a couple of problems and the main one among them is the need to shrink the GIF. If we work with a regular JPG file, there are no such troubles - after all, in any, even the simplest editor, we can resize the image or crop an unnecessary part with a couple of clicks. How to edit GIFs? After all, most editors only allow you to work with still images. But Pixiko video editor has such a tool! That’s why you don’t need to waste time on it anymore.

Why is it necessary to shrink a GIF

  • The file size is too big to be uploaded on a website you are using (we mean banners and ads);
  • Your GIF needs to be optimized to upload to social networks (ads, regular posts, posts for stories);
  • For it to be played without bugs.  

Who needs such a tool to apply while making content

  • All the bloggers;
  • SMM-specialists;
  • Web-designers;
  • Brand-owners.

Frequently Asked Questions

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