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How to mirror a videos online

Once a very famous photographer wrote in his column that about 90% of people who are photographed, are not satisfied with the way they look in the pictures - and mostly they consider themselves non-photogenic. The statistics are amazing!

But this fact is easily explained: in our everyday life we ​​see ourselves mainly in the mirror, and the camera captures our real image - how others see us. Due to the fact that our faces are asymmetrical, the face in the mirror and the face in the photography are two different faces from our point of view. Holding in hands the regular photography and its mirror image, we find the second one prettier (or simply more familiar). At the same time, other people are more likely to choose a regular photo.

The same thing happens when shooting video when it comes to shooting with the front camera of a smartphone. Now, when there is no need to use professional equipment for video recording and almost anyone who has a smartphone with a good camera can do this, shooting with the front camera has become something common and available.

Mostly, we have the following: the front camera reflects us like a mirror, but the ready-made video turns out as if it was shot by another person. If your smartphone does not have a mirror reflection function for video shooting, then Pixiko video editor can help you. Online, you can quickly reflect your video and, making a video post on a social network, enjoy a beautiful picture in the frame. Upload your video to the site, select the "reflect video" option and download the finished video to your PC or smartphone. Everything is simple and intuitive.

Such a simple function will help you to feel more self-confident and stop being shy at video posting when it comes to portrait video. Share your experience and knowledge with your followers via different social networks and communicate with them without any doubt at your photogenicy.

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