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How to make a drop shadow font

If you’re in video making you know that a good video is like a painting to some extent, we mean that all its elements should go well together and create a single image. Like a painting, it also consists of many things that need to be taken into account from the quality of sources to decorative elements like inserted pics, logos, music and many others. 

If you’d like to add some text to your video, then it should be a good match to your idea and other used in the video elements. What’s even more important, it should be easy readable, so its size, style, font and color are the key features that you should pay attention to. A poorly designed text will louse up hours of your work on the video. 

One of the simple ways to make your text more readable on different backgrounds is to add shadow to it. While you are working on the added text in Pixiko video editor, you can add shadow in 2 clicks. Click Sh icon in the right blackboard and choose a variant of shadow you like. You may apply only a shadow type or a combination of a shadow and style. The second combo is good when it suits to your idea and aims. Instead of wasting time on making it yourself you apply a ready combo. 


What is it used for? 


  • A perfect choice for subtitles. A shadowed text makes it comfortable for reading and perception while the background is always changing. If you are making video memes this function is for you. Add text, choose its color and choose a shadow type. The same works for GIFs, by the way.
  • A combo of bright style and shadow will make the text of your motto easy to remember and associate with your brand for your customers. This tip is suitable for ad videos and various banners for online shops.

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