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Merge videos and/or photos online via three easy steps! 🤲 Start now and free!

How to merge videos together

Upload video and/or image files 👉 Set the order 👉 Start rendering

And Pixiko Video Merger Tool will put it together!

1, 2, 3 or more videos turn into one clip

Are you a musician? Awesome! Maybe you have a lot of short videos and now thinking of creating a new clip. Pixiko likes music and is ready to help people who want to make a work of art. The Video Editor 💪 allows you to merge videos (or some mix of videos and pictures) online. Save your computer from additional software, create a new video file online. 

Even if you are not a musician but also have a keen desire to merge video files together, use Pixiko's merger and download your whole film.

Now it is really easy to do it with the help of our cool Video Merger. They can be videos from your smart phone and camcorder or even drones etc. It doesn’t matter how you have made your video, the important thing is that you can merge it really fast and easily.

Choose necessary videos, upload them to the Pixiko Editor Evolution. Click “set out time” near “union time all videos” in order to sum up all the time. Customize timelines and place videos one after another. Check it. So, you can see how several fragments are turned to the whole clip.

Add music to video or add subtitles to video in order to attract more viewers. 

What is it used for?

  • Share a merged video with friends on social networks.
  • Create unbelievable clips which can be posted on social media and on your website.
  • Upload a merged video to YouTube.

Enjoy it for free!

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