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How to add filters to GIF

How much do you think about your profile’s design? Is it important for you to follow the only style while posting in social medias? OK, it may seem not that important but, in fact, posts in one style creates the whole image of your profile that’s why such a design looks more aesthetic and accurate. So, it’s a ground to change something, or at least to think about it.

If you’re posting only photos, everything is more or less clear with their editing. There are lots of apps with which you may do it in 3 minutes. But when we speak about video content, the situation seems more complicated because there are less multifunction video editors than photo ones. That’s why we can recommend you to work with Pixiko video editor that has many tools to create a single style of your profile.

If you are a beginner in video content making, then you are probably making GIFs. Isn’t it better to post them in a single style? Try to use Pixiko GIF filters to stylize your content. As is said, a single style will help you by creating a whole image of your profile or brand or company. More than that a single style is connected with such a tool in marketing as storytelling which is really good for promotion at all levels. A single style made with GIF filters use is a part of your story. So, with Pixiko you can not only crop, cut or resize your GIFs but stylize them by applying filters, adding texts and putting them on music.

GIF filters work well on you when

    • You make GIFs for Instagram (if your profile is dedicated to GIFs, filters help to follow one style in its design)
    • GIFs for Facebook (especially for brands and shops, for which their style influences the sales)
    • Banners for websites (filters make tune for presented information on them)

Frequently Asked Questions

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