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How to make a video for a blog

Nowadays, types of the Internet earnings become more and more popular. You can do everything from consultations to houses selling. Everyone can start earning online. The main thing is to advertise your services well. How can you do it? It’s very easy. The most successful way is making your own blog. It's so exciting and effective!

You can present your products or services and publish entertaining content to attract subscribers. The more subscribers you have, the more different manufacturers want to advertise their products on your blog. You will have an opportunity to be a popular blogger! This is great! If you don’t know what to do, we will get you a few ideas. 

Your blog can be like this:

  1. Product review. If you have your own online store, you can make reviews of products. That will increase the buyer’s interest and draw attention of manufacturers. Moreover, you increase interest to brands making reviews on your favorite things. After it you will be able to publish adds in your blog.
  2. Service maintenance. You can create a blog and record small videos about repair of equipment, furniture, cars etc. It is possible to share your secrets and show potential customers how good your services are.
  3. Journeys. If you like traveling, you can make videos about different countries. It is possible to tell how to save on accommodation or food. It will be interesting to other traveling lovers and attract attention of travel agencies and airlines, which will certainly want to advertise in your blog.
  4. Beauty blog. If you know a lot about cosmetics and makeup, you have the best choice to shoot video tutorials for girls who want to look as amazing as you. It is possible that some cosmetic companies will be happy to advertise their products in your blog.

Sometimes, you can find YouTube videos about very useful topics. But they're so boring! What's the problem? Not all people know how to make a good video. Watching videos like this is very tiring. We will teach you to make content more challenging. There are different types of making videos. You can shoot it like this:

  • An interview. You can interview passers-by or friends about some products and events. People are always interested in different opinions.
  • Shooting of yourself. You have an opportunity to shoot yourself with help of a selfie stick or a GoPro. The first-person shooting is always makes the story more attractive and lively.
  • Static video. You can shoot a video according to the prepared scenario. You will shoot a few episodes, edit them and overlay music or voiced text. This video will be the most ideal variant. It is interesting for watching, it is informative and dynamic. We are sure that a lot of people will be interested in the story!

It would be better to mount video before posting. It makes it more interesting. You will be able to cut out unnecessary parts or unsuccessful doubles, and also to add different effects. You can use options such as:

  1. Merge (upload a video, then upload the second one, click “Merge”, change the playback order and press “Done”!)
  2. Apply music (upload a video, choose an awesome song and upload it too, press “Done”).
  3. Add text (choose a video, add text, set text timing and press “Done”).
  4. Add picture (upload a video, choose a nice picture from a folder on your PC, set playback options and press “Done”).
  5. Add subtitles (upload a video, click "Add text", enter text and set options, then click “Done” and it is ready!)
  6. Remove audio from video (upload a video that you want to separate from audio, mute it by turning down a sound level till zero. Don't forget to press “Done”!)
  7. Add a glitch\ sepia\ noise effect (you only need to upload a video and press the button with the name of the effect. It is easy, isn't it? That's because we try to make all the functions more simple and understandable every day. Now you can edit your videos without problems!)
  8. Add a watermark (upload a video, then choose your logo or click “Add text” if you want to add text, correct the color and brightness settings and press “Done”!)

Now you know some of the video editing secrets and can start working on your blog. If you have chosen the theme of your videos, and written a script – it will help you to edit a video and make it more attractive and interesting. After writing the script, you can go outside or to your home studio and shoot the next video for the blog! Pixiko will be waiting for you to help with making a cool video!

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