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How to brighten a dark video

It often happens that even professional cameras produce unsuccessful videos at the result: the light "jumps" (if it is daylight, natural light and it is not professionally set in the studio), the exposure is incorrect, there is no focus, and the colors are displayed faulty. Fortunately, we now have the ability to fix all of these shortcomings in video editing. But here is another question: edit videos online or install a cumbersome video editing program on your PC? Use of software usually implies the presence of certain skills to work with it. Of course, video editing monsters like Adobe Premier Pro or After Effects provide their users with integrated, sophisticated and complete video editing tools, and they certainly aren't free. You also need to be tech-savvy and have a lot of time to render and export your work.

We offer another option. Pixiko online video editor has all the necessary tools to edit your video quickly and efficiently. You can work directly through your browser on our website. No additional installation of certain programs - you just download the source video and bring it to the desired ideal. The interface of the site is so clear that even a beginner in video editing can easily figure it out. Pixiko lets you cut, crop, rotate, reflect it and adjust the saturation, brightness, and contrast of your videos without requiring you to have any technical skill or prior experience in video editing. With Pixiko, you can easily brighten dark videos, adjust contrast and color saturation.

Why is color correction so important and in what cases?

In fact, a well-made video always means adequate color correction. Correctly exposed colors, brightness and contrast are always an indicator of the professionalism of the person who released this video. Therefore, this parameter is important for bloggers, SMM specialists and brands that advertise their products and services. Wherever you post your video: on the company's website, in social networks (e.g. Youtube, Instagram, Facebook or TikTok) as an advertising banner on a third-party website - the quality of the captured video will always matter.

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