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How to make an instagram video?

Instagram is a huge platform, developed from an ordinary social network just for photo posting. Right now, it has lots of other functions like Stories, IGTV, video posting via feed, multiple photo or video posting. As video content has become more popular than static one according to Instagram metrics, many users are likely to think about starting its production. Static content is much easier to create due to absence of motion. It is just a beautiful moment that you are sharing with others, while making a good video requires more time and some skills. However, it is worth it. So, if you already have some video sources and an idea for your future video you can edit it with Pixiko!

Due to its popularity, Instagram is widely used as a platform for an online product or service promotion and it works very well. That’s why it’s time to think about use of its tools for your customers engagement and making your brand's image. As for ads, it can be posted via Stories and feed and video ads have got a trend of latest years. Do you want to become an identifiable and remarkable brand? Then use a video format.

Stories are more convenient than video


Let’s begin with Stories. The first thing that matters is its size and length. Crop and cut your video with Pixiko and upload it. A long video divided into 15 seconds or less parts may be used as a way of storytelling for your brand. Create its story, make it alive and share it with your audience. If you are going to post short videos then remember about 15 seconds length. It’s better to make it highly informative, vibrant and attractive. Add texts and pictures animate them, brand your video and put it on music if it’s necessary. Videos in Stories can be an individual tool for promotion or, vice versa, go in connection with the information in feed.


What about common videos for Instagram feed?


As for video posts for feed, here goes other aspects that may seem complicated. Maximum length for a video post in feed is a minute. Any size may be chosen. In this case, you are to show everything using a minute or less. Search for a better strategy! However, the main problem here is to attract your customer from the very beginning of the video. Otherwise it will be just skipped. Make it bright with the help of animation or intriguing with a good soundtrack or catchy texts. Don’t forget to brand the video. To add uniqueness to the video, use split screen effect, slow-mo, reverse and other that you will find on Pixiko.


Make videos, edit them and upload on Insta-stories or directly on feed. Use them in combination to boost engagement for better sales of your product.

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