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Smoothing text for videos!

How to make a smooth font online

When it comes to implementation of  certain concepts and ideas in the form of video, some of them require different approaches rather than just to make something colorful and fast-moving. They need more minimalistic, subtle and artistic manifestations. Usually they are expressed through details like cameramen work, for example, light, editing and others. It’s editing which we are going to talk about here. 

Surely, editing includes several stages but we’d like to concentrate on such a point as a font type that a video maker uses in a sort of the video that mentioned above. Videos in a minimalistic style will well work with a smooth font that you may apply in Pixiko video editor. Such a style requires minimum visual effects. So, everything you should do is to cut and join video fragments then put them on a desirable soundtrack and finish with adding some text in a smooth font. All the elements will suit well to each other creating the necessary style. 


What is it used for? 


  • Trailers for any film type. Make your audience pay attention at the film itself but not secondary details like effects, filters, or fonts, apply the most delicate of them – smooth one;
  • Book trailers – a new video genre that makes a book presentation much more exciting and than just an ordinary text description. It really thrills imagination;

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