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How to put retro filter on video online

Any video on the production stage may be divided into 2 key parts: information and atmosphere. Both of them should be done well as the video quality depends on their combination. As for work with the information in the video everything is more or less clear from the point of the person who is producing the video. However, as for the atmosphere, it’s a bit more complicated because there are millions of tools for it and you need to apply them in the best possible way. 

And what can Pixiko editor give you? Our editor has an easy to use interface where you can find effects, filters, features, tools to work on your video. Let us tell you about one popular filter that has a potential to be applied differently. It’s a retro filter in 2 variations. 

What is it used for? 


  • A retro filter can be applied to videos that already have such an atmosphere and our filter keeps it. It can be an ad, promo or feature video. Change its canvas size, make a title and animate it, add subtitles, add your logo, if it is a brand.
  • The filter also suits to create a before/after effect, for example, for a TikTok video. Apply the filter for “before” part and make the contrast stronger and join both parts with the help of Pixiko.
  • If you’re creating book trailers this filter may help you to design the video in a way to re-create that very epoche that is described by the author. If the action takes place in the 19th century, for example, the retro filter will point out the moment. So, you’ve made it more artistic.

Frequently Asked Questions

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