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How to add transition to a video

Here we are to tell you more about Pixiko tools, effects and various useful tips. In the article we are up to show you how a transition effect can help, what it is necessary for and how you can make it with our online editor.

To begin with, transition as an effect is widely used and it is hardly possible to imagine a video without one transition at least. First of all, it is used to create a smooth change of scene. Then, it’s fine for divide a video into several parts for your audience to get clearly that the matter is changing from part to part.

As for its application, in our editor the mechanism is pretty simple. Everything is demonstrated in the pictures before the article. You just need to choose the moment where you’d like to apply them. Nothing’s difficult.

What is it used for:

  1. Video catalogs of good or services you are providing. Transitions create those smooth changes from one product to another.
  2. Various fictional videos.
  3. YouTube vlogs (traveling, film reviews) or tutorials, entertaining content and many others.

So, any idea of yours can be implemented with our editor. We are here to make your work and creating process easier and more pleasant. Remember, you don’t need to be a specialist to work with our editor. We are for all people, no matter how professional you are. Make videos online and only download the results!

Frequently Asked Questions

You can speed up the process of generation if you buy the subscription. The subscription will give you an opportunity for a priority queue. Such a turn is intended for users who have bought the subscription.


The generation speed depends on the size and length of your project and your turn among other users at the moment. Generation of short videos can take about a minute. As for long projects, they can take more time. The more users generate videos the more time is necessary for generation.

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