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We are happy to welcome you! Let us present Pixiko – quick online multitool video editor for you to make a true masterpiece that may become a promo video, ads or a part of your blog, which will engage a great audience. Don’t waste your time on installation, drivers search and tutorial watching – Pixiko interface is so intuitively comprehensible that you don’t need to have hard skills in video editing. Be creators, the rest Pixiko will care of!

Who can Pixiko help to? In fact – anyone who’s engaged in video making: bloggers, marketing specialists, SMM professionals, brand owners, experts in video production and normal active users of various social networks.

If you're here then you've caught the fact about video popularity growth and you are keeping up with modern trends. Statics age is coming to its end and people are seeking for motion. That's why video content is much popular just photos. So, we would like just to suggest you a pack of different tools which are necessary for easy video editing depending on the video production goals.


How to edit videos online


What can you do to upgrade your content right now? Begin with something simple and time-saving – animation. Choose a set of photos and make a loop, then crop and post on any social network you like. Want something more? Add catchy texts and animate them. Fine! You've made a video meme. The next level is to make a slideshow, which can easily become a promo or an ad video for your brand. There are the same sources after adding transitions between photos, collages and animated logo go then put freshly made video on music – brilliant! Your promo or ad is ready to be posted. Let's go further with work on several videos from which you are going to a make one. Cut fragments, merge them, add captions, logo, animate them if you want. You will have all the instruments to get a cool video in one click.

For those who are going to spend a bit more time but get a wonderful result at the end, Pixiko has special tools to let your video become unique and more professional. Speed up and slow down the video, add different objects and animate them, create intros and outros for your videos in one signature style. Be aesthetic! Create the image and story of your brand with the help of high quality videos and boost your sales.

As a final step, Pixiko will help you to adapt the video for the social network where it should be posted on (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok and others).


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