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🪒 Cut off 🪒unnecessary parts of the video and make a new one!
No download sofware, optimized for PC, MAC, iOS and Android!

How to cut video

Make your video shorter and show only cool moments to your friends.

Video should be free from bad moments

Sometimes you need to cut a scene or maybe several scenes from a movie. In order to do it, you need a special tool. We are glad to offer you our service which cut any video fast and as you wish. You can delete unwanted episodes, minutes, parts etc. Your video will be not so long as early. You will save only that part which you really need.

Our special tool allows cutting with the original quality. Use any format of your video, our Video Cutter accepts all of them. Take your video file or files and upload them to the Editor. Activate a timeline at the right by clicking on it. Then push on ✂ "scissors" at the left. You will see a new window with the Cutter. Choose a necessary fragment and get rid of ❌ unnecessary parts ❌ . Click "Apply" after it and return to the Editor. If you do not need to do anything else, push "DONE" ✔ at the upper menue and wait for video generation.

When do you need to cut a video?

  • Short video is often used on social networks stories.
  • Chosen episode can be posted on different social media accounts or communities in order to attract users’ attention.
  • Low sized videos can be downloaded to your website.
  • You also can share video without unwanted moments with your friends.

Enjoy Video Cutter for free!

Watch this video tutorial

Frequently Asked Questions

You should download a video from the YouTube channel in order to cut it. Use the “Trim” tool clicking on it on the “Time effects” menu.

If you are going to delete a part of your video from the middle, use the “Split” tool in the “Time effects” menu. 

Choose a necessary period of time in the middle of your video and click on “Apply”.

You can speed up the process of generation if you buy the subscription. The subscription will give you an opportunity for a priority queue. Such a turn is intended for users who have bought the subscription.


The generation speed depends on the size and length of your project and your turn among other users at the moment. Generation of short videos can take about a minute. As for long projects, they can take more time. The more users generate videos the more time is necessary for generation.

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