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How to add music to GIF

When we are speaking about GIFs making, we generally mean cutting of some video’s cool part that we share with others. Such a content type may be used differently depending on the niche that you have chosen. The niche put some requirements to the content from the point of its attraction for an audience. So, a GIF of yours should be spiced with effects that can be not only visual as you may have supposed. Add music to your gif – make its special tune! Use Pixiko online video editor and its set of tools to work with GIFs.

You may ask what you need all these difficulties with adding music to a GIF for. We are ready to enumerate at least three reasons why you NEED to add music. Let’s do it. Firstly, it’s true static content doesn’t work that well as it used to some years ago. But just to add motion is not enough. A GIF should have something in it. Something really catchy. Well chosen music can easily get one of such features. It makes mood; it can make a GIF funny, sad, “true story”, meme of a year etc. Secondly, music can be of any kinds. Here we mean that you may prepare an ad with the help of an informative soundtrack and a viral GIF. Such a step gives you a chance to influence your audience in an integrated fashion both visually and through audio. The efficiency of your advertising is growing up. And finally, if you sale some material goods, you may use GIFs with music added to them in their description on your website. Your potential customer watch such a GIF, see your product and perfectly added soundtrack motivates him not to buy it but to feel some emotions which he could have after its buying. If those emotions go home he will buy your product for sure. Then your goal is reached.

As you see, these three reasons to try adding music to GIF make sense, then you have to try it at least. Create, enjoy, make money!

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