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How to make a GIF from YouTube video

Have you found a video on YouTube which moment made you laughed at for the whole day? We are sure that you will want to share it with your friends. And not only with friends! But here’s a problem: the video may be too long to watch it and wait for that very moment. It’s better just to cut it and share after. Then, how to do it? Don’t worry, Pixiko will help with this!

What is Pixiko? This is a multifunctional online video editor and your true assistant in various fields. Be calm, here you can find a technical decision for lots of tasks. Sharing that very moment from the video you like is not an exception.

What do you need to do? Copy the link of the video from YouTube, paste it on the tool page on Pixiko website. Then find and cut the moment and… make a GIF from it! Nothing is easier. OK, now you have something to share with your friends and make them laugh.

If you brand has YouTube, Instagram/ Facebook profiles, then you may make you life easier. Instead of showing a full video, for example, release of a new collection, make GIFs with the most attractive positions and share them via all the social media you have.

What it can be used for

  • Personal use to share some funny things with your friends and followers;
  • Video memes production from different parts of other videos;
  • Making video reviews on something you have watched;
  • Commercial use to save time: sharing via Instagram/Facebook stories only the freshly released products of yours to engage your future customers.

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