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Free video about Covid-19

What is the most critical problem of many countries now? Yes, it’s Covid-19. Nobody wants to be a victim and the Internet can help a bit. Almost everyone has one or more accounts on social media. It means that everyone has an opportunity to share the useful information. It can be an article about symptoms of coronavirus, a situation in the country, last news etc. The more people know the truth about this disease the more chances to avoid it.

Pixiko wants to help to spread the information as soon as possible. Every user can create a video about Covid-19 in the Editor and write to our support in order we will remove the watermark from it. It will be free. Moreover, if you have a purpose to spread your video, we can post it on our social networks.

Your video can show people how to take preventive measures in order to avoid an infection. Moreover, it can contain the statistic about victims and those people who could recover. If you know how doctors treat for coronavirus, tell about it in your video. It’s possible to let people know about a high-risk group. So, the information can be different but the result is the same – your video can be available for everyone for free.

We can fight with Covid-19 together. Everyone can tell people news about this disease and the situation in the city. Make a post with such a video on your account and help your followers to be far from coronavirus.

Take small steps to great victory! 

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