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As editing isn’t only about technical aspects like cutting, trimming, sound adding, fitting but mainly creative, we’re glad to announce that now Pixiko let you to work with added text more professionally. So you’re able not only just add some text but set up its font, color, size, style, placement and animation.

Choose some ways of how you would like the text to appear and disappear. It can be a single style or different for each one.

What’s important here:

  • The animation is applied to a chosen text fragment, not to the whole text of the video;
  • You set up a time period of the applied animation;


How to use text animation?

Let’s imagine you have a promo video for a product that you’re going to post on Instagram. (Don’t forget to fit it for Instagram requirements). In the form of the text you may present its title, key features, advantages, additional information about the manufacturer.

Depending on the main concept of the video, you may set up text animation in a minimalistic style with simple habitual entry and outlet motion effects. You may not apply motion effect for it, only letter ones, for example fading on. It looks sophisticated and modest. So, the info is presented but doesn’t attract too much attention with its brightness. Just a kind of support to what is given in the video.

On the contrary, if you want to attract more attention to what is presented in the text make it as vivid and colorful as possible. For example, it’s an ad video about sales in your shop. Stylize the text in it in the brightest way with animation effects Pixiko offers you. Big font size, bright color, motion effects that grab attention will help you do the job. You may apply different effects to one and the same fragment. Create what you want!

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