Slow down GIF

Don’t let it run away from your perception

How to slow down a GIF online

The GIF format came up about thirty years ago and has only grown in popularity since then - it livens images up, attracts attention and loads quickly. Marketing specialists love this format for its playfulness and ability to grab an audience’s attention due to motion. We always notice moving elements earlier than static ones. Anyway, we will pay attention to it and get the information a GIF translates.

Our editor Pixiko gives a big set of tools to work with GIFs from the creation stage to editing. Pixiko will help to make your GIF stylish with different effects and convenient to upload it to any type of social network. Your task is just to find sources for your future GIFs.

GIFs use. Where can you use such a content type? The most evident answer – blogs of entertainment character. But it’s not the only one. Ready?

  1. Banner ads (as a GIF is played quickly, slow it down to make more comfortable to perceive);
  2. An element of e-mail marketing (a new product announce, a new collection release with some of its positions demonstration, congratulations). Try to work on the GIFs to make them enough dynamic, showing the key points and slow them down for comfortable watch. Don’t make them too heavy (20 kb is OK) for normal loading on all the devices.

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