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How to make a TikTok video online

Do you want to follow the video trends but you don’t know what tools you need for it? Stop worrying and searching! Pixiko has everything to edit a video according to the hottest trends existing on social media. Find some inspiration and make something on your own to share it with the whole world!

It’s not a secret that today Instagram, Youtube, Twitter have lost some points in popularity in comparison with the most trendy one – TikTok. If you don’t still have a profile there you’ve missed a lot. It’s not only a platform for funny videos posting but a full-fledged market place where you can easily sell and buy. That’s why you should at least to try to log-in there. You will inevitably point out the things, which can be used to become popular (for bloggers) or to increase sales level of your brand. 

Let’s move on to what you can post on TikTok. One of the easiest trend to follow and join is everything connected with look changing. You need 3-4 tools to make it: video cutter and joiner, the tool to add a soundtrack with trimming and joining them in advance. This trend is suitable for different online shops to demonstrate new clothes, makeup or accessories and for style bloggers.

Video with lifehacks are highly viewable by different audiences. Everyone likes the advice, which is able to make their life easier. Cut, join or merge the source videos, add text and music, resize it. Perfect! It’s ready to be posted. To make a video unique and catchy you may add different effects depending on the content type. For example, you can reverse your video, add slow-mo or, vice versa, speed it up.


If you want to promote your brand or company, you should pay attention to these ways of using TikTok:

  1. In-feed native video. In this case, the call-to-action ad is integrated into the clip that appears while watching the feed. The effectiveness of this method can be measured by the duration of views, the number of likes, comments, and a unique action (clicks or installs).
  2. Hashtag Challenge. Challenges are the main advertisement format on TikTok and one of the key content areas. On the platform, there are constantly some challenges that anyone can join. In addition, this is one of the most effective ways to promote on TikTok. The mechanics are simple: popular TikTok bloggers launch a challenge, according to the terms of which you need to record a video for a specific track and publish it in your profile with a hashtag.
  3. Promo challenges. One of the most effective ad formats on TikTok. The mechanics of launching such an advertising campaign involves starting among bloggers with a large audience reach, whose videos are very quickly gaining a large number of views.

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