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Social media is changing and evolving very fast. Today we are observing this happening on Instagram: less glance and glamour, more authenticity. In particular, we note the popularity of memes, a historically diverse but highly significant category of content in promoting via social media.

Probably, you have also recently noticed a spread of memes across many of the main Instagram profiles, that’s why we would like to tell you how brands are using this form of visual marketing and how it can help your business. You are welcome, get inspired and remember how it works on Instagram.

Some time ago, different experts wrote about the decline of the "Instagram aesthetics": there are fewer well-designed, vibrant, perfectly edited pictures. They are being replaced by a new style, and it is largely moving in the opposite direction. Instagram is filled with raw and natural images. "It's no longer cool to be refined" – this quote reflects the main idea of a new Instagram.

There are several reasons for this:

  • as professionally taken and edited photographs became widely spread, Instagram aesthetics became boring
  • Instagram staged photos became too typical and ordinary, making it harder to fight for attention
  • the "peak of perfection" has been reached.

The “standard” way of posting your best photos on Instagram is no longer the only way to engage. It’s not the best way anymore to attract a new audience. With the decline of aesthetics, it comes to a variety in types of content. Including memes. Especially video ones.

Memes have appeared on social media before. There are several defining characteristics of what makes this type of content so appealing:

  • This is the key to a successful meme. Absolutely any person will intuitively understand them.
  • It's a way to summarize the obvious in a way that no one else would have done before.
  • Thanks to the combination of interconnectedness and wit, memes can tell stories in a very funny way and thus stand out from thousands of others.

Memes make a story of a brand and give it some unique but typical at the same time characteristics. It’s important from the point of storytelling strategy. Each brand should have its own original story, which makes him alive.

If you have an idea for memes then we are ready to help you with the idea’s implementation. If you don’t want to spend too much time on making memes – try to make them with Pixiko editor. Save your time by making memes online with Pixiko. Making video memes will help you to give a new lease of life to your brand and make it closer and more comprehensible to your customers.

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