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How to trim instagram videos

If a few years ago, when only gaining popularity, Instagram gave its users the opportunity to post exclusively static content, we mean photos (many users still remember that time), now, being a really huge content platform, it also expanded the post types for its audience. Now we can share various videos with the whole world, as well.  More and more Instagram bloggers and brands are using videos to promote their profile and boost followers’ activity. Videos are in priority for impressions in the recommendation section because they evoke more emotions in people than an ordinary photography. In order to make the video beautiful and interesting, you have to be able to edit it: trim out unnecessary fragments, add music, and add text.

Now let's imagine that you are not running a personal profile on Instagram, but a business profile. And not only, but three, for example. Three profiles of one company, being an SMM-specialist. Technical preparation for a video (cutting, trimming and choosing a resolution for each video, provided that there are several of them), takes a lot of time, so editors are of particular value for SMMs, which can significantly speed up this entire editing process. It would be ideally if such editors were as multi-tasking as possible.

The multifunctional online video editor Pixiko can become your magic assistant. Edit and prepare your videos for posting in Stories, Feed or IGTV on Instagram and save your time. Pixiko will help you adjust the video resolution to the required type of post and make trimming to get rid of unnecessary elements in the frame, correct light and focus. The use of many tools is automated and adapted for a specific social network (not only for Instagram). In addition, Pixiko has all the necessary tools in order not only to edit the video before uploading, but also to create a full-fledged post, Stories or a video for IGTV with adding text, music, overlaying images, creating gifs and much more. It is ideal not only for advanced professionals, but also for beginners in video editing - the site's interface is so clear to use.  All the rest fully depends on your aims of video making and imagination. Your task it to create and ours – to embody your idea easily and fast.

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