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5 tips to create great video thumbnails

The YouTube lovers know what a video thumbnail is. It’s what a viewer sees while browsing the platform. A thumbnail is a preview image which can grab attention and induce people to click on it. It means that it should be informative and attractive.

Right size

Pictures can be different but YouTube gets only those thumbnails which are corresponded to its rules. The first one is a size. A preview image should be 1280 x 720 px. The minimum width is 640 px. An aspect ratio is 16:9. Remember that while creating a cool thumbnail.

Right file format

There are a lot of image formats such as PCX, JPEG, ICO, PNG, PSD, AI, RAW etc. However, only three of them are appropriate for YouTube thumbnails. They are:

  • GIF
  • PNG
  • JPG


If you are going to publish videos on YouTube regularly, it’s time to think of a style of future thumbnails. Your channel visitors will see your videos with previews and gain certain impression. It should be positive in order to turn visitors into your subscribers. Let your thumbnails be in one style. It will make your channel more precise and neater.

The style can be formed by a background. You can use the same picture or images of the same format for example only nature, only texture, only gradient etc. One style also can be formed by one font of the text on a screen.

Textual information

Use short explaining text on YouTube thumbnails. It can be a part of a name or a slogan. Viewers should understand what this video is about while looking at the preview. Text can help them to understand it. Do not add a lot of textual information of a small size. Users are not ready to spend time on reading a lot of information before watching.


Don’t forget to add your branded element. It will allow people to be aware of the author. Even if they find your video outside your channel, they will understand that it is yours. Users must identify your style from others. It will certainly lead to success. Read how properly add brand elements to your videos here.

Look through popular blogger channels and learn how they make their thumbnails. Use also our recommendations and create your own previews which will attract target audience. 

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