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How properly add brand elements to your videos

Branding on your video content lets people know about the author. If you have made a cool videoclip, your viewers should know it. A logotype or a name of your company in the corner of the screen allow people be aware of you.

If a video is ready and you are going to watermark it, add a brand element properly. There are some simple rules to do it neatly and noticeably. 

  1. Branding for the common good

A watermark on a video should be added not only for a company but for viewers too. It is obvious that branding bears an advertising element and awareness. Watermarked videos accustom followers to your content. So, you are responsible for your materials. If you began to give people good content, they will feel pleasure while facing your new videoclips with your watermark. In such a way, you will get two positive factors: your awareness and viewers’ approval.

  1. Universality

Add a watermark to all kinds of your videos. It can be an advertising, informative or entertaining video. All of them should be branded. People should know your universality and see you from all sides.

  1. Avoid annoyance

Your watermark should only show people the author and your style. It looks annoying if your logotype occupies a big part of a screen. Of course, viewers see your watermark and get to know who has made this clip but it prevents them from comfortable watching. Think of your followers and potential customers. The first aim of all videos is giving information or entertainment. Don’t allow you to overlay your logo too much. If you use a logotype or a name of your company, it should be small.

  1. Place

Think of area for your branded element thoroughly. As a rule, it is placed in the lower corner of a screen. It is a good location. Viewers can watch video without obstacles and at the same time get to know who has made it.

  1. Transparency

Sometimes, a logo can look too bright or differ from a style of a video. The problem is solved by transparency. Make your logotype or a text a bit paler. In such a way, you will save a logo on your videos without blocking comfortable watching.

  1. Branding with Pixiko

A branded element can be added to your video very quickly with the help of the Pixiko Editor. Upload a video and a logo and place it wherever you want. You can also add a name of your company changing transparency inside the Editor. You can do it without a professional designer. The interface is simple and explainer-videos are available for free watching.

Brand your video with Pixiko and let people know about you. 

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