Vintage font

How to make a vintage font online

Out-of-the-box visual storytelling is the cornerstone of today’s leading online communities in a wide variety of fields. Creative ways of presenting content, such as adding live text and animation effects, are a great way to bring identity to your articles, which you can, for example, send in newsletters, “stories”, and video posting on social networks. 

Making a video is only half of the work that needs to be done. It’s equally important to edit your video well. And also understand the full potential of video as a content format. Actually, high-quality video editing is those 20%, according to Pareto’s law, that does the work. For example, if you’re eager to create a video in a vintage style be sure that everything in it is in one and the same style from the filter to the text font. Try Pixiko video editor to make a vintage video.


What is it used for?


  • GIFs in vintage style with the text for newsletters if you’re an owner of a vintage clothing store. Make these little details for your image.
  • Ad videos with transformations. Make contrast between “before” and “after” stronger applying elements in vintage style to “before”part.
  • Video memes with the corresponding nostalgic atmosphere. 

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