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How to use a blurry text online

We’ve already told about some of new Pixiko super features that are incredibly useful in video making. Any ideas of yours may be implemented with them in the best possible and even impossible way. We’re proud about Pixiko multifunction and its ability to help you creating masterpieces online

Here we are to present you one more feature that you may apply to a text in your video. If you’d like to put a light accent to some text elements you may try a blurry style. It’s good only as a style or in a combination with shadows. In both ways it looks accentuated but not very actively. The style is given together with others in the “Sh” button. Click it after adding a text and apply the style. 

What is it used for? 

  • A video title or subheadings design if you’re creating something simple and ordinary. That’s a good choice when you’re making a formal product presentation. 
  • A design for your brand or company name that is placed in the top or bottom corner together with the logo which can be also added to your video with Pixiko. It’s very easy. This tip is used for any type of commercial video because it’s a part of its standard design. 
  • The blurry font can become something new in subtitles production. Try to apply it instead of typical fonts like Comic or Arial.

Frequently Asked Questions

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