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Video ads or image ads: best practices

Advertising can be different but the most effective is video one. It includes audio and video elements that appeal to multiple senses. Advertising on the radio influences only on hearing, image ads influence on eyesight. Whereas video ads incorporate all these senses and are more memorable for viewers.

Image ads

A few words about image ads. It is also a tool for customers attraction. It has its place e.g. billboards, magazines, stationery etc. It bears information about goods or services. Designers should use short text and informative pictures in order to tell about a product. Mostly, detailed information can be gained by phone, on a website of directly from a producer. So, image ads are the way to acquaint with a product and attract attention.

Video ads

Nowadays, video content is the most popular one and it is not without purpose. It can be used on websites, on TV, on social media etc. People do not live without these things and it means that a lot of viewers can become customers after watching video ads. A video works better than an image because demonstrates everything without necessity to read long texts and be concentrated on something. It’s simple way to present a product quickly. It’s also a good way to create how-to guides and explain buyers how it works. Any successful video communicates to an audience and can get its attention.

Choose an up-to-date way

Video content is too popular not to use it. Many Instagram accounts with ads are full of video ads. It is easy to do and demonstrate for followers. Moreover, viewers got used to watching video ads on TV and are not surprised at the same videos on websites. People like videos and adore sharing good videos with their friends. It provides spreading ads and catching more views.

  • Internet users like videos
  • Search engines like videos

So, why don’t you use this way of translation of your information and demonstration of your products? Allow people to enjoy good video content and take more views for your video ads.

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