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How often do you feel lonely? 😔 It happens sometimes. Is it true? It can be in the evening on the subway or at home after work - you miss someone. And you want to talk with someone who understands you so match! But we all are adults and we all have our own affairs and problems. And everyone needs abstract oneself from everydayness. But how to do that? It’s very easy. You can make a cup of fragrant coffee and bake cookies with chocolate, then shoot footage and do a video invitation for your friends! Pixiko will help you to realize that. Pixiko is a versatile online video editor that you can use without software installation on your PC. If you are a happy owner of Windows or MAC, you can use the editor for free. 

How to edit videos as easy as 1-2-3 for Windows?

The Online editor is very convenient. There is no necessity to find software suitable for Windows. You can change your videos without installing different software on your PC. You need to register on Pixiko and all the main tools will be available to you for free. You can merge two or more videos, overlay music🎶 , add text or pictures to the video. It's simple. You should upload a video where you invite your friends to the editor, and use different tools. If you want to trim your video - click the trim tool, then set the needed video length and click apply. Don't forget to click Done for saving! Then you can overlay the text on the video. Click add text, write whatever you want. For example, it can be meeting time and your address. After it click apply. Then you can combine two videos: for instance, a shot where you invite friends and a shot showing mouth-watering fresh cookies. 🍪 To do this, use the merge function. You need to download two or more videos, set the order of their playing and press the Merge button. Then save the video and you can upload it on social networks or send it by e-mail. 

Now you can make a great video in a few minutes and remind your friends who are also bored, but can’t find free time. You can help them to give up everything and have a nice evening. They will tell you "Thank you", it will take no effort to do something nice. Now you know – it’s so easy to edit video-invitation with Pixiko!

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