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How to make gaming videos

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How to make gaming video for YouTube

In the gaming industry, recording gameplay has long become an integral part of a gamer's activity, especially when it comes to reviewing another new product. Professional gamers very often shoot and edit their videos equally professionally. However, they work with the correspondingly professional software, which is probably paid and far from the easiest to use. If you are just starting your journey as a game reviewer or you just like sharing the game process and you are not ready to spend money on expensive and complex software, then Pixiko editor will be your ideal assistant!

In order to create any of the mentioned formats, you need a screen recorder, a recorded sound track (your voice or some music) and our online editor. You don't need to download anything else: editing is fully done online and can be easily downloaded afterwards.


How to start creating your game video


So, if you are doing a review, there is a huge set of different tools and all kinds of effects, using which you can make a very cool video. So, for example, it can be not just a description of the game and its technical characteristics, but a full-fledged overview and entertainment video that has every chance of reaching the top. Add your logo, some important information in the form of text, divide the video into sections by cutting and joining them. Add and edit a desirable soundtrack here, as well. In addition to standard solutions, you can also use miscellaneous effects to make the review funnier, more interesting and give it an individual style, which is very important for those who are going to launch their own channel, for example, on YouTube.

In the event that you just want to talk about how to pass a certain stage of your favorite game, then you may need even fewer tools. You need to join the video and audio, add the necessary text and trim unnecessary elements in the video. Alternatively, you can add a flashy title and credits to it at the end if you want to share the technical aspects of video making or specifications of the game. The text is easily formatted and becomes the same working element of the video.

This is not as difficult as it might seem. You should just try. If you enjoy playing, you have something to recommend to other players, why not share it with others? Video is the best and most lively format for such content.

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