How to create a tutorial video online
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How to make a tutorial video

Tutorials is light and ignorance is darkness

How to start making a tutorial video

According to experts, in the next few years, video content will almost completely replace text information from the Internet. Of course, we should not hope too much for this. But with the use of video to promote your business today, you get a quality traffic source that works right now. 

First, you can use video tutorials to promote yourself as a professional in a specific field. How-to-do videos will demonstrate your skills and knowledge, for example, if you’re a teacher. 

In this case, there are no problems with the themes for videos and their format. Such content is always perfect for any educational project. Videos are used for promotion on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook. Sometimes a series of videos for teaching something is a complete lead magnet. It all depends only on your imagination. 

Secondly, video tutorials are perfect in selling physical products. 

You are deeply mistaken if you think that you cannot teach customers anything while selling physical products. At least, on your YouTube channel or Instagram account, you can create a section, thematic stories, where you help the target audience to choose products according to your niche. In addition, you can visually demonstrate where and how to use / assembly features / appearance of your product. People who have watched the video automatically begin to trust you more. They listen to your opinion, which means that loyalty to your suggestions increases. 

And last but not least, if you are fond of DIY and ready to share some useful experience with others, video tutorials production is also for you. With them, you will not only demonstrate your talents to the world, attracting new followers and subscribers but you will also be able to find clients, thereby monetizing your hobby. A dream, not a job, right? 


What are the advantages of this on Pixiko


You can cut, join, merge and quickly edit such a video using Pixiko video editor. You don't need to download or install anything - editing and editing is done completely online on our website. With our editor, you can easily add the necessary pictures to the video, draw something on it, add sound or, conversely, mute it. 

If you’re inspired by what we have told you then please, don’t forget to:

  1. Prepare and learn what you’re going to teach others;
  2. Make a scenario;
  3. Prepare a workplace with a suitable atmosphere;
  4. Choose a good camera, light, and mic;
  5. Edit your video with Pixiko :)

Such a type of video content is a cool and really working way to attract additional audiences to your business and immediately win them over to you. Video works great in literally any niche.

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