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Why video production is such a powerful tool in social media

Video content is quite a popular word combination especially on social media. Who likes watching videos? Almost everyone. It’s true and it should be used in your business.

Visual perception

The first important thing which should be taken into account is information transmission. Most information transmitted to our brain is visual. It means that any video will be more effective and memorable for users than a long text. Even any animated picture is better than a static one if you are going to attract viewers’ attention.

Moreover, every modern customer wants to see the product in action. So, if you present something to buyers, show how it works or how it looks. That’s why explainer-videos are so popular now. Many customers watch such videos before purchasing. Video content about your product or service on your social accounts is a really good tool for attraction of your target audience.

Social media progress

If you have accounts on FB, Instagram or another social network for a long time, you could see how rapidly social media marketing is progressing. Now a usual post or a story should be informative but without super difficult and long informational load. A video copes with it successfully. You can show everything without explanation or with minimum text on a screen.

It leads to the fact that video marketing is an important part of the strategy of every person who manages social media accounts and is going to attract people. A video on your post or story shouldn't be so long but informative and interesting for followers. Do you want to move with the times? Use qualitative videos which will be watched by potential customers.

A good ROI

Visual content gives a good ROI. Users like videos. They are ready to spend a bit time to learn a short video with comprehensive information than read a lot. Scrolling a feed on social networks, people mechanically stop and focus on a video. If a video is captivating, they continue watching. Moreover, they can become curious and have a wish to learn more about you. So, a video increases conversions by 80%!

Everyone knows that any user can provide good return on investment on social media. All visits and views are good for your account. Videos help to do it rapidly. Make an interesting video for example with a funny plot and you will get new followers and potential clients. NB 76% of viewers say they would share a branded video with their friends if it was entertaining.

Affordable and widespread way to show yourself

A video can tell about you or your product very quickly. It was difficult to load a video and began to watch it in the past. However, it’s really accessible and affordable for everyone nowadays. Everybody can watch videos on mobile devices. A smartphone and social networks are almost always in our hands.

Upload a video on your account and let people view it at any time and place. Video and mobile go hand in hand. The statistics says that 90% of consumers watch videos on their mobile. So, create a cool video and become an interesting person on Insta or other social networks. Now it is really easy.

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