How to turn video sideways
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How to change orientation of a video?

Today, we all have smartphones nigh at hand. How often do you use it? Every second, of course! How many options do you use? Phone? Messages? Camera? Yes , all of this, of course! What questions could be there?

After all, every day you have dozens of opportunities in your pocket and they make your life easier and help to do hundreds of things very quickly: check mail ✉, manage your money on the card, connect with friends, shoot videos. Wait a minute, videos.  You have a million of videos that were quickly shot somewhere on the street or at home. But, sometimes, you forgot to turn the camera horizontally. That's bad. Although now it's not a problem! Pixiko will help you! 

How to turn a video? 

If you have vertically videos, you can't leave them like that. It's uncomfortable to watch and make a muck of composition of the frame. But it is easy to correct it with our service. You can turn ⤵ any video.

You should upload a file to the Editor, then click on “Rotate” button and turn the video at any angle. You can rotate it either at 90 degrees or at random. 

What is this option for?

It may be necessary when you want to merge a few videos and make the plot more attractive with help of shots at different angles. In addition, if you, for instance, are in the bus and use a "hidden camera" for shooting an interesting old grandpa ? reading rap near the front door, you can get the option of changing a funny video, shape it, and then show it to your friends. 

Now, you together with Pixiko have no problems with videos of poor quality. Any mistake can be corrected.

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