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How to make a trailer

A trailer that will grab the attention of your audience

How to make a trailer online

Making a high quality trailer is not that easy as many people think. It's not enough to cut epic and iconic scenes without spoilers. It is important to intrigue the potential viewer! That means that the trailer is nothing more than an advertisement for a full-length film. 

Those who are involved in the preparation and creation of trailers will probably say that this is exactly the same art as film production. And the thing is that in 2-3 minutes it is necessary to place the material so that after its viewing there will be not just a desire to look and find out what's next?, but to provoke an emotion, make an impression of what you have seen. And this, you see, is a much more interesting task. 

What makes a good trailer


So, to create a good trailer, you certainly need to: 

  • view the full version of the film / presentation / release;
  • draw up a plan of events;
  • choose the main characters you want to present (these characters can be anyone or anything, it all depends on what you present);
  • choose key scenes so that they do not become spoilers;
  • choose a soundtrack. Half of the success of the trailer depends on it;
  • to start implementing the plan.

This plan will also work for anyone looking to create a book trailer. This is a relatively new approach to book advertising that has grown out of the reader's fascination with the book. Some readers were so impressed that they adapted the book they liked using video scenes from different videos or films. Subsequently, this type of trailer became very popular among book lovers. And those who have the skills and desire to liven up books have started creating such videos. 

If you are looking for a video editor, then Pixiko can become your reliable assistant in this matter. With us, you can easily make a "delicious" trailer without wasting time dealing with complex specialized editor programs. For such work, we have a set of basic tools that are relevant for making any type of video: cutting, cropping, trimming, joining, merging, overlaying music, built-in music editor, adding text and animation to it, changing video speed, reverse effect, split screen effect and much more. In addition, we have also developed various video filters and graphic effects, which, if used correctly, can become a real highlight of the trailer and add some artistry and taste to it.

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