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How to make animated images with quotes

Now, everyone can make an inspirational video with quotes easily and quickly when using Pixiko. You can upgrade your Instagram account or your Facebook, Twitter and others with professional video content made by yourselves in several clicks. Animated quotes attract followers’ attention and win their favour. If you are inspired with a good quotation, share it with your friends but present it beautifully and professionally. Let’s learn how to create video quotes with Pixiko.

Start creating a new project. If you are a new user on our website, read how to start creating video content in our blog. You can upload your own video to the editor from your computer or cloud storages (Dopbox or Google Drive) or take files from a free library (stock videos). Then, choose a canvas size according to the website or app where you are going to post your future quote (1:1 for Instagram post, 9:16 for stories etc.). Trim your video if it’s necessary or use different effects and filters.

Change brightness and opacity in order your quotation looks better. Pixiko allows making additional layers in the form of different shapes like squares or circles on which you can add your text.


So, the background is ready, it’s time to do the most interesting part of your animated quotes video. Click on “Text” in the upper menu and begin typing a quotation. Choose a font and size, use ready-made styles if it is suitable for your video. Play with transition, letter and graphic effects. Move layers on the timeline in order to set time where your quote should appear. Don’t forget about the author. Create a new layer, enter a name of an author and also choose a font and style and so on. You can also add an audio file (upload from your computer or choose it from the free stock) and bring melodiousness ещyour quote video. Click on the “Render” button to finish your project. You can also save it and continue working at it later. After generation, you will be able to download your quote video or share it directly from the website on Twitter or Facebook. Let your friends look at your masterpiece.

Add quote to animated GIF

After finishing your project with quotation, you will get an MP4 file. You can close the page with video generation, because your ready project will be sent to your e-mail (that’s why we recommend to sign up). You will also find your project in your account page. Edit it, change quotes or create new ones. You can also use our templates.

MP4 quote video files can be posted on any social network. Use it in your stories or post it in your account page. Friends and followers will appreciate your videos and surely like it. You can also convert it to animated GIF because such quotes are also very popular among modern people. Anyway, share quotes videos of any format with friends and readers and motivate them to good life.

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