Integration with Dropbox and Google Drive
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Google Drive and Dropbox integration

We know that most of our users adore cloud storages like Google Drive or Dropbox. That’s why we decided to give an opportunity to take any files from Dropbox and Google Drive to Pixiko Editor.

Now, you shouldn’t download your files from clouds to your computer in order to upload them to Pixiko Editor. You can do it directly from Dropbox and Google Drive. We have made integration with those platforms for quick access to your favorite videos, images and music.

When you dive into the Editor you will see a screen with opportunities to add files from Google or Dropbox.

Moreover, it’s possible to add any file from your accounts while you editing your project. Choose a type of a file and then upload it from Dropbox or Google Drive.


Create your cool video content with your files and take them from popular cloud storages.

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