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How to make a glowing text online

As fashion and trends on everything are cyclic and become popular again and again every 10-20 years, today you can see how the aesthetics of 90s has got a hottest new trend especially among youngsters. Keeping this in mind, you may create content in the aesthetics and capture all hearts, attracting new followers and customers.

Combine trends in content types and their styles to make a video that will engage, promote, advertise and demonstrate your product or service with maximum possible efficiency!

If you’re going to create it our online video editor Pixiko is ready to help you. It has all the tools, filters and effects for all elements of the video to make it in any genre and style. Besides general tools and effects it also has various text styles and fonts to implement your courageous ideas in details. For example, while editing, try to add a glowing text to your video if it is in the 90s style (syntpop, neon sings, Polaroids, VHS and other signature features of that decade). Just click on the text and edit it, changing its font, style and color. 


What is it used for? 


  • As is said, apply a glowing text if you follow the 90s aesthetics, making a music video or for sub heads for your YouTube video;
  • Banners for online shops to attract your customers’ attention to sales and special offers with ssuc bright informative and animated objects;
  • Any ad videos to post on social medias. The glowing text will grab necessary attention and be remembered. 

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