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How to use a cartoon font online

Video as a content type works well for all the kinds of audience no matter what an age group they are related to or what interests and preferences they have. It may be quickly adapted to all the needs and expectations of your targeted users and your business needs. 

Pixiko online video editor offers you universal tools which can be used in various combinations. These combinations create details and key features for a certain age group, for example. If you are working on content for children such an element like a cartoon font used together with bright colors and motion effects for the added text will help you to put accents on the key informative moments in the video. A cartoon font also creates a strong association with something funny and entertaining. There are more chances that such a video wiil be watched till the end. 


What is it used for? 


  • Ads for children’s goods like toys, foods, sweets. Support the idea that you product is for children through the use of the cartoon font for the text;
  • Teasers for children’s cartoons. 
  • Different video tutorials for children. A cartoon font and colorful design makes them more attractive and pleasant to watch rather than boring text insertions in black Times New Roman font

Frequently Asked Questions

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The generation speed depends on the size and length of your project and your turn among other users at the moment. Generation of short videos can take about a minute. As for long projects, they can take more time. The more users generate videos the more time is necessary for generation.

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