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How many programs and online services offer good opportunities to make content better. However, most of them are developed according to ideas and thoughts of developers. It means that users can have other needs which are absent in a platform. How to tell about it? We know it.

Pixiko decided to widen opportunities and give the Road Map for you. What is it? It’s a platform where we add different ideas and wait for your voting. You can vote for any modification of our editor. You can help us to make editor more comfortable and useful for users in such a way. Open our Road Map and vote 👍. It will be a big deposit to developing. You will help us, other users and youself too. It can be a good way to add what you really need. For example, you use our editor for a long time, you create really cool video content but you need another font for your texts. You think that it is better to add some more cool fonts and use them whenever you need. Now, there are some simple fonts but your wish can be realized after your voting. Everything is available with your help.

Pixiko Road Map

We really appreciate any ideas and recommendations. It will help us to change the editor for the better. Be a part of our team and choose necessary improvements. Some of them are already in progress. Our developers work at them and are going to continue do it for you.

You can read the instruction about voting in the Road Map. If you do not vote early in such a way, the instruction will help you. Talk with us through the Road Map!

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