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Resize FB video cover

How to resize video for Facebook cover

Facebook already has several billion users, and great parts of them are small and medium businesses. Of course, Facebook is far from the only one for them, but it is definitely one of the key areas of contacting with actual and future clients. Although, for some brands, the Facebook page is the main informative, advertising and marketing platform. Through Facebook, they talk about themselves, immediately communicate with the client, announce events and sell products and services.

As a rule, if the first meeting of a client with a brand on Facеbook takes place in the feed - through an advertisement or someone's repost, after that a detailed acquaintance takes place on a brand’s profile page. Surely, the page begins with the cover.

For a video cover to be uploaded and shown correctly, the recommended minimum size allowed is 820x312 or more. However, it is better to use a video of 820x462 or 851x315.

Facebook cover video format is not limited only by pixels - length and weight are important as well. The video should be from 20 to 90 secs – Facebook won’t allow to upload a video that is longer or shorter. In addition, the video must be of high quality - 1080p.

However, a fresh-filmed video hardly has such a size. So, before making a cover of it you need to change its size and length. If you are intent on saving your time and not looking for different apps to edit the video Pixiko is here for you. First, it’s not an app or soft. We’re a website where you can edit your video fully from the very beginning online. Secondly, you don’t need to spend time on trying to get how Pixiko works – everything is intuitively comprehensible. Thirdly, Facebook video cover making is not a Pixiko limit – we are able to do much more than video resizing.

Let’s go back to FB video cover. Having got through with the technical part, we’re moving on to the creative part of the process. As for this, everything is much more interesting - there are no strict frames and limits. You can make an extremely ascetic and minimalistic cover or create an explosion of colors, forms and emotions - everything is appropriate, depending on the type of your brand. The main thing is to start from the style of your brand and the tasks that the cover should solve. Using a video cover, you can complete such to-dos, for example:

  • put your audience in touch with your brand philosophy;
  • announce an event or promotion;
  • tell about a new product;
  • launch an advertising campaign;
  • introduce your team.

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