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Today the Pixiko team will take you on a quick tour of the gif world and tell you why gif memes are that cool. Let’s start with the basics then.

 Gif-animation appeared in the days of the dinosaurs – about 30 years ago – and is still alive today. This happened to the surprise and righteous anger of everyone who had to wait a full minute to watch a 5 second gif. By the way, GIF creator Steve White claims that the name of the format is pronounced with the sound  -dzh. But the Internet community strongly disagrees with him. That’s right – Graphics Interchange Format (gif), not Jraphics (jif). This is the 1st interesting fact.

GIFs do not need to be turned on / off, they do not make noise, and, what is more important, they convey the very essence and do not distract from the main content.

A special extraordinary kind of art is gif memes. They appeared unexpectedly, burst into the lives of Internet inhabitants and took really strong roots there. Actually, what’s so cool about memes and why can a well-made meme become just cosmically popular?

The answer is quite simple: the meme is clear, witty and close to as many people as possible. Memes are like the universal language, Esperanto of the Internet community. In memes, like nowhere else, the principle “brevity is the soul of wit” is observed. And gif memes are, perhaps, the quintessence of this idea: brief, fast, understandable, witty.

Why are gif memes worth using for visual marketing and brand development? For clarity. These memes make you clearer and closer to your customers. You seem to tune in with them and be rough on the same page and form your own community, which is united not only by the fact of purchasing your product, but by some common story that is understandable to this community. This creates a sense of belonging, which also brings all of them together and makes your audience more loyal.

So how do you create these gif memes? Don’t go far, please. You don’t have to search for anything. Pixiko has all the tools to do what you need. All you need is a source for a future meme, and your unrivaled sense of humor.  You can also add text, additional pictures with the help of Pixiko gif-generator.

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