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Fit your video for IG in 2 clicks

How to crop a video for Instagram

If you have chosen a video to post on Instagram but can't click the Next button in the app, mainly, it might happen because of the video was recorded in a file type that Instagram doesn't support. For example, the preview is available but you cannot edit it and post after that. 

The typical reason - your video doesn’t meet Instagram's requirements for the file type, frame rate, resolution, duration, or size.

What are Instagram the requirements?

  1. If you want your videos work on Instagram, make sure they meet the correct specifications. For videos to be posted as feed, they are as follows:

    - Video file type: MP4 or MOV
    - Audio: AAC
    - Video codec: H.264
    - Frame rate: 30fps or below
    - Resolution: 1080p or less
    - Play time: 60 seconds maximum
    - File size limit: 15 MB
  2. For Stories, most of these specifications are of the same kind, except for some principal differences: 

    - It should be no longer than 15 seconds (otherwise just cut it into several 15 secs parts);
    - Stories are shown vertically in 9:16 format, with min resolution 600 x 1067 and max 1080x1920.
  3. For IGTV, your videos must be in MP4 format and meet the following requirements:

    - from mobile devices they can be up to 15 minutes long, and from a computer up to an hour;
    - It can be full screen vertically (9:16) or horizontally (16:9);
    - Frame rate must be at least 30fps with minimum 720p resolution;
    - Videos up to 10 minutes in length can be up to 650 MB; longer videos can be up to 3.6GB.

How can this be done?

All these requirements may be easily followed with the help of Pixiko online editor. Upload your video and: 

You may apply these just a few Pixiko functions to your video. So, this is only the beginning. What’s more, you can design it as you wish with adding texts, music, and various effects that Pixiko has in its toolkit. But the best thing is that you don’t’ need to apply all the mentioned above tools separately – Pixiko will do itself! Upload your video and then just choose Instagram as the social network where you are going to post your video and a type of the post. The video will be automatically cropped. You may change the area of cropping on your own. It takes less than two minutes!

This tool is a must-have for SMM-specialists and bloggers who aren’t eager to waste time on video editing. They appreciate their time and optimize all the work processes as much as possible. Pixiko is a perfect helping hand in it.

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